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One songwriter, one song. Podcast about stories & songs of Champaign-Urbana music. In each episode Sven sits down with a person from the C-U music scene to hear the story & the background of a favorite song they’ve written.


Sven chats with Kyle Fleming (He/Him) of Fleming Music Therapy to talk about his music therapy practice, what music therapy is used for, why music therapy works, and maybe why he might just say "abracadabra!" from time to time...

Favorite Treat: Frozen Swiss Miss Rolls

Website: https://flemingmusictherapy.org/



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Sven sits down to chat with Briar (They/She) to chat about their song "electrophorus," what makes a great music community, some things we could do better, and their favorite non-musical thing.

SONG: electrophorus by the briar schlenker trio

BANDS:  the briar schlenker trio, ZOEY.xBRIAR, The Goodwin Avenue Trio, New Music Mosaic, Improviser's Exchange Ensemble

Favorite Thing: Virgil's root beer and Pillsbury Cherry Toaster Strudel.


Cover Photo: Joseph Abe Bell

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Sven chats with Sarah Durbin (She/Her/Hers) about her song "Live Wire," learning from Ryan Groff (EP35), and her favorite non-musical thing.

SONG: Live Wire

ALBUM: Single

BANDS: Jo's Corner, lyric theatre UIUC

Favorite Thing: DIET COKE and Oreos

Photographer: Ben Heppner

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Sven chats with Eli (She/Her) of Mermaid Heaven about her song "nightbloom," what makes a good music scene, and her favorite non-musical thing.

"You" Video: https://youtu.be/olhQMf1oLzA (NPR Tiny Desk Concert entry)

SONG: nightbloom

ALBUM: Single  

BANDS: Dalipop (~2014) Sleeping okami (~2016) Mermaid Heaven (~2018 to present)

Favorite Treat: Jameson on the rocks and an amazing, simple cheesecake

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Sven sits down with Sean Kutzko (He/Him) to talk about his efforts with documenting, preserving, and promoting the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois jazz scene with ChambanaJazz. Memories of Nature's Table, and falling in love with jazz.



If you have live recordings of jazz performances in CU please reach out to Sean Kutzko at: Sean@chambanajazz.com 




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Sven chats with Deane Geiken (He/Him) and Adam Porter (He/Him) (EP26) about the upcoming Perimeter Road Music Festival May 7th, 2022 at Parkland College

Parkland College (Lot B1)

2400 W. Bradley Ave

Champaign IL,61821

Contact Info:

Email: perimeterroad@gmail.com

Phone: 217-373-3790


noon Anika Emily (EP39)

1pm Disaster Kid

2pm Melvin Knight (EP7)

3pm Ashland

4pm Moe Pesci

5pm Modern Drugs (EP35 and EP58)

6pm Union Avenue 

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Sven chats with Luna (They/Them) of The Latex Figure about their song "Spiders In Your Head"

SONG: Spiders In Your Head

ALBUM:  Single

BANDS: Orator, Cosmic Lung, Fall Afternoon, The Latex Figure.

Favorite Treat: All things coffee and cold slices of fresh pineapple.

Photo Credit: Veronica Mullen

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On a cold February day Sven met up with DB in downtown Champaign at Guidos to chat about his song "EOTA."


SONG: EOTA (Prod. By HouseInTheHillz & Juko)

ALBUM:  Vitamin DB

Favorite Treat: Cranberry Juice or Orange Juice


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Sven chats with Andy & Tristan of Boxcar Graffiti about their song "Blind," where the name Boxcar Graffiti comes from, and what is the most important part of a good music scene.

SONG: Blind

ALBUM: Single


Tristan: Paint the Sky, Mousefight, Tristan Lake and the Chromatic Black, and Boxcar Graffit

Andy:  Belladonna, Side Show Freaks and 10 Pounds Twisted

Favorite treats : Coffee or Tea

Photo credit:   Terry Miller Brown

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Sven sips some gin and chats with Don and Sticks of Bristle about their song "Magic Shoes," dearly departed venues, and some of their favorite non-musical things.


SONG: Magic Shoes

ALBUM: invitation          


Bands:  Lou Miami And The Kozmetix, King Moon Razer, Creeps In Exile, Super Friends, White Trash Debutantes, and Bristle
Bands: Hushtower, Terminus Victor, Social Imaginary, and Bristle

Sticks:  Water, Hershey Bar w/ Almonds
Don:  Many types of Gin (neat)

Photo Credit: Ben Tschetter

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