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One songwriter, one song. Podcast about stories & songs of Champaign-Urbana music. In each episode Sven sits down with a person from the C-U music scene to hear the story & the background of a favorite song they’ve written.


Released 4/5/2021: Election day is tomorrow, this past weekend I zoomed with Justin Michael Hendrix: write in candidate for Champaign City Council in District 3.  Although Episode 61 will not air for another month or so, I thought that his voice should be heard before this election.  To find out your voting info in Champaign County go to:  https://champaigncountyclerk.com/elections/my-voting-information

For other locations in the US: https://www.vote.org/

Please get out and vote!

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Sven zooms with Kyle Lang of Special Death about his song "Remember" off of his self-titled EP: "Special Death" We talk about the reissue on vinyl of Easter's "Demonstration" EP on Beloved Records, favorite house venues in CU, and Kyle's favorite non-muisical thing(s).

SONG: Remember

ALBUM: Special Death

BANDS: Pontow, Well Read Devils, Nunpuncher, Easter, Adult Books, The Tyrants, Need, Special Death

Favorite Treat: Chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips

Photo Credit:  Josh Karlson






Sean Neumann (EP5)

Jupiter Styles

Terror House [Venue]

Error House [Venue]

Dan Aykroyd's House [Venue]

Dumb Records

Weekend Nachos [Band]

Wabeano Rock Farm [Band]

Sweettooth [Band]

Belleville, IL

Easter [Band]

Beloved Records

"Demonstration EP"

Oak Forest, IL

Garfield's Garden [Venue]

Rat King Records

Dude Ranch [Venue]

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Sven zooms with Cara Maurizi of Linea Crux to talk about her song "Twist & Turn" off of the album "Stronghold." We talk about working in the studio to bring new life to her songs, where the name "Linea Crux came from, and maybe even what her favorite color is...

SONG: Twist & Turn

ALBUM: Stronghold

BANDS: Linea Crux, Backup singer with Slick Lisp, and Modern Drugs

Favorite Treat: All baked goods, Espresso, Coffee Tea, whiskey, wine, and really good beer

Photo Credit:  Della Perrone


Ryan Groff (EP35)

Perennial Sound Studio

Audio Compression

EQ (Equalization) [Video]

Brian Wilson

Wall of Sound

Linnea (Flower)

Moons of Neptune


Highdive [RIP]

Seven Saints

Mike n' Molly's

Pour Bros. Craft Taproom Champaign


Brandon T. Washington

Mike Ingram

Ci La Cole (EP46)

New Souls

Tera Terra [Band] (EP41)

Milford Men [Band] (EP35)

Modern Drugs [Band] (EP35)

Galesburg, IL

Prairie Players

The Station Theatre

Parkland Theater


Pens to Lens

The Double Machine [video]

Taste of Champaign

West Side Park

Greycoats [Band]

Common Loon [Band]

Color Theory

"Use What You Have Decorating" [Book]

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In this episode Sven zooms with Jarrel Young to talk about his song "Doin To Me," off the album "I'd Be Mad Too..." the CU music scene, and his two favorite non-musical things.

SONG: Doin To Me

ALBUM: I’d Be Mad Too…

BANDS: Live band: Misfit Music

Favorite Treat: Spring Water, Assorted Herbal Tea and chips, preferably plain ruffles.

Photo Credit:  Boots Howard



Doin To Me [Video]




Cowboy Monkey [Venue] RIP

The Canopy Club [Venue]

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Eclipse Studios

Charlie Wilson

Boyz II Men

Montana of 300

Luyando Boxing & Fitness



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**Inauguration Day Special!!!*

In this episode Sven zooms with Oliver Groff: vocalist, lyricist, and artist behind the band Cactuss.  We talk about his song "The Reason Donald Trump Should Be in the Trash," we talk about the inspiration behind the song, their creative process, working with producer Ryan Groff (EP35), and running a world class CU local recording studio.

SONG: The Reason Donald Trump Should Be in the Trash

ALBUM: Single


Favorite Treat: Bubly and chocolate

Photo Credit: Ryan Groff (EP35)


*Please note: a Ghee-Tar is like a Key-Tar, but with clarified butter.  ;-) 

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In this episode Sven zooms with Mike Skibski, Vice President of Music for the Masses UIUC. We talk about his song "I'll Stay With You," Music for the Masses, and planning for the future.

SONG: I’ll Stay With You [Spotify Link]

ALBUM: I’ll Stay With You


Favorite Treat: Blueberry Acai Green Tea and Dark Chocolate Hershey's Kisses

Photo Credit: Jackson Skibski


Music For the Masses UIUC




Shotgun Microphones [Video]

Vance Joy

RSO [Registered Student Organization]

UIUC Union

The Canopy Club



Midwest Emo [Genre]

Math Rock [Genre]

String Harmonics


Bottom Bracket [Band]

Rat King Records [Label]

Information Systems






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Every great episode needs a sequel, EP51 is no exception. Consider this bonus material from part 1.

We talk about Sven finding joy in hip hop, recording an upcoming album, supporting artists, AMS' family history in CU, all the CU hip hop connections he's made, and finally what makes a good scene!

BONUS SONG: "Half (a Life)" from the upcoming album: Strange Days, Stranger Tomorrows

Photo by: Yevgeniya Mazur

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