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One songwriter, one song. Podcast about stories & songs of Champaign-Urbana music. In each episode Sven sits down with a person from the C-U music scene to hear the story & the background of a favorite song they’ve written.


Sven zooms with Colin Larson (He/Him) of Otherglow to talk about his song "Winter Wind" from the EP "Spacey Sounds," reminiscing about the CU Scene, and his favorite non-musical things.  

SONG: Winter Wind

ALBUM: Spacey Sounds EP

BANDS: Johnnyork, Withershins, Otherglow

Photo: Eric Frahm


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Sven chats with Mic (She/Her) of the MNG Collective and her radio program on WEFT 90.1:  Mic's Bag on Saturday Nights at 6-8PM.

Check out their Bandcamp page at: https://mngcomp.bandcamp.com/ 


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Sven sits down to chat with past CU musician Tricia Scully (She/Her) to talk about her song "Fidgety," how an unplugged electric guitar helps her write songs, things she remembers from the CU scene, and her favorite *non-musical thing. 

*If you're female identifying or non-binary and would be interested in playing hockey in a league check out the Women's Central Hockey League

SONG: Fidgety

ALBUM: Recorded Live "Beauty in the Small"

BANDS: Bad Scientist (current solo project), strtr wife (current drummer), Tall Tale (guitarist/singer/songwriter)

Favorite treats : Iced Americano before 2pm, Gin & Tonic after 5pm

Photo credit: Selfie

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Sven sits down with Larry Gates II (He/Him) to talk about his song "Take It From Me," what the CU music scene needs, and his favorite non-musical thing.

SONG: Take It From Me

ALBUM: Single

BANDS: Worm/Starlight & Yuk. The Goody Patch, Satiiva, Lorenzo Goetz, The Jezebelly, Curb Service. DJ LEGTWO

Favorite treat:  Sparkling water and a pear


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Sven meets up with Ayla McDonald (She/Her) at KCPA just before she heads off to the UK. We talk about co-founding the Folk Jam Circle, exploring the roots of folk music, and her favorite non-musical thing. 

Cover Photo by: Basia Latawiec

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Sven sits down with Cade Whitt (he/him) to talk about his song: "Uncertainly Certain (Take Caution)" off of his album "People In Places," the need for more all ages music venues, and his favorite non-musical thing(s).

SONG: "Uncertainly Certain (Take Caution)"

ALBUM: (Debut) "People In Places,"

BANDS: Octave

Favorite Thing: Dr. Pepper!



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Over some rib tips (with mix sauce) and lemon shakeups Sven chats with Harsh (He/Him) about his song "The Truth," collaboration, community, and some CU venues from long since past...

SONG: The Truth

ALBUM: Single

BANDS: UC Hiphop 

Broke Rappers coalition 

Chalice Dubs 

DJ Belly (EP63)

Favorite Thing: Lil’ Progy’s Mix Sauce

Photographer: Rachel Storm

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Sven chats with Kyle Fleming (He/Him) of Fleming Music Therapy to talk about his music therapy practice, what music therapy is used for, why music therapy works, and maybe why he might just say "abracadabra!" from time to time...

Favorite Treat: Frozen Swiss Miss Rolls

Website: https://flemingmusictherapy.org/



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Sven sits down to chat with Briar (They/She) to chat about their song "electrophorus," what makes a great music community, some things we could do better, and their favorite non-musical thing.

SONG: electrophorus by the briar schlenker trio

BANDS:  the briar schlenker trio, ZOEY.xBRIAR, The Goodwin Avenue Trio, New Music Mosaic, Improviser's Exchange Ensemble

Favorite Thing: Virgil's root beer and Pillsbury Cherry Toaster Strudel.


Cover Photo: Joseph Abe Bell

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Sven chats with Sarah Durbin (She/Her/Hers) about her song "Live Wire," learning from Ryan Groff (EP35), and her favorite non-musical thing.

SONG: Live Wire

ALBUM: Single

BANDS: Jo's Corner, lyric theatre UIUC

Favorite Thing: DIET COKE and Oreos

Photographer: Ben Heppner

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