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One songwriter, one song. Podcast about stories & songs of Champaign-Urbana music. In each episode Sven sits down with a person from the C-U music scene to hear the story & the background of a favorite song they’ve written.


Sven chats with Brandon T. Washington (He/Him) of Temple of Low Men to talk about his song "Languid," his early performances in CU, and why he loves detective novels.

SONG: Languid

ALBUM: Degree of Slither

BANDS: Soulstice (92-97) Funky Butt Drum Club (98-00) Temple Of Low Men (01-05) Solo artist (92-Present) Beat Kitchen (02-present, sporadically) New Souls (2015-Present)

Favorite Treat: Grapefruit sparkling water and Clif peanut butter chocolate bars

Photo Credit: Eric Frahm

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Sven chats with Alyssa about her song "Old Enough," after recording it in the studio.  Hear what makes a great music scene, her favorite CU venues, and a perfect local musician lineup.

SONG: Old Enough

ALBUM: Single


Favorite Treat: Coffee Milk Tea with boba, from Bearology
Baby Dills (Mt. Olive)

Cover photo by: Mayil  (https://www.instagram.com/hell_tek_productions/)


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Sven chats with Elliott and Mina of Long Birds about their song "Driving to Rapid City," finding the Easter egg in the music video, running the Birdhouse DIY house venue in Champaign, and maybe a few non-musical favorite things.


SONG: Driving to Rapid City

ALBUM: I Had A Dream I Was Skateboarding

BANDS: Elliott: Ghoul Jr.

Favorite Treat: Sprite/Orange Soda

Photo Credit:  Adrian Medriano

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Sven chats with Aaron Short of The Bashful Youngens about his song "Tennessee," meeting Carrie, the CU music Scene, and his favorite non-musical things.

SONG: Tennessee

ALBUM: Inflorescent 

BANDS: The Bashful Youngens

Favorite Treat: Bell’s Light Hearted Ale and Double Tree Hotel Chocolate Chip Cookie [Recipe]

Photo Credit:  Anna Longworth Photography

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Find the November 27 Rap Battle and other battles here: http://bit.lyiBattleTV-BlackMage

Sven chats with Black Mage about rap battles, strategies, inspiration, roots of the name Black Mage, and his favorite non-musical things.

SONG: Lexx Luthor vs. Black Mage (November 27, 2021)

BANDS/Groups: Rogue Tendency

Favorite Treats: Squirt, Cranberry Juice, Butterscotch, and Hamburgers


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Sven talks with Jake Fava of Booth Blues about his song "Father's Day," his favorite CU venue, making open mics happen over zoom, and his favorite non-"Musical" thing. 
OPEN JAM happening every other Tuesday at the Canopy Club: https://www.facebook.com/events/250617263661984

SONG: Father’s Day

ALBUM: Something New (LP)

BANDS: Booth Blues, Anika Emily (EP39), The E Wing Brass Band

Favorite Treat: Snickerdoodles and Ginger Ale



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Sven meets up with The Letter L Beats to chat about his beat "Joey," creating the "Illini Anthem," teaching folks how to make beats, and his favorite non-musical thing.  

SONG: Joey beat

BANDS: Jarrel Young (EP57), Yuneer Gainz, Greg Whiskey, Lil Doug

Favorite Treat: Hummus and Chips

Photo Credit:  Boots Howard



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Sven meets up with Sunny Ture in his Temple Studio to talk about his song "Vacation" off of the album "Hotline," the therapy that comes from creating, how the Push(soul) Collective began, and his favorite non-musical thing(s). 

SONG: Vacation

ALBUM: Hotline (Sunny Ture & Solomon Grunge) Released 4/15/21

BANDS: Push(soul) Hip Hop Collective, Colabs with Kelvah, Kivon Redd

Favorite Treat: Grippos, Bannana, Strawberry, Greek yogurt Smoothie

Photo Credit:  photo by Kivon Redd of Push(soul)

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Sven sits down on the steps of the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts to chat with Jennelle Orcherton, Artistic Director of the CU Jazz Festival.  (October 14th-17th, 2021) They talk about how the CU Jazz Fest, looking towards the future, and ideas about what makes a good musical community.  

Schedule: (https://cujazzfest.wixsite.com/cujazzfest)

Thur Oct 14- Opening Night Party @ 111 N. Broadway Ave, Urbana - 7:00 pm

Fri Oct 15  - Jeff Helgensen + Friends  @ Rose Bowl Tavern - 5:00 pm

                  - Andrey Goncalves Group | The Claudettes @ Rose Bowl Tavern - 7:30 pm (Ticket Link)

Sat Oct 16 - Blue Funk All Stars @ Rose Bowl Tavern - 1:00 pm

                 - HAT Trio @ Rose Bowl Tavern - 4:00PM

                 - Simply This Quintet @ First Presbyterian Church - 5:00 PM

                 - Jazz + Lit | Whitney Ashe @ The Literary Book Bar - 7:00 PM

Sun Oct 17 - Jazz Brunch w/ Matther Miller Duo @ Seven Saints - 11:30 PM (Ticket Link)

                   - Eric Devey Group @ Champaign Public Library - 1:00 PM

                   - U of I Concert Jazz Band @ Rose Bowl Tavern - 2:00 PM

                   - Iron Post Jazz Orchestra @ Rose Bowl Tavern - 6:00 PM

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Sven chats with Vincent Aguilar over some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Diet Coke about his song "Emma Lee," running a DIY venue, why you need a corgi, and of course tattoos!

SONG: Emma Lee

ALBUM: Emma Lee b/w Later

BANDS: Urban Sprawl, The RISK, The Night Brigade, Vincent Aguilar (acoustic singer-songwriter/“folk-punk” project), Sweater Weather [IL], Horrible Things, Pressure Eyes, In Prose, Forced Isolation, Need, The Please and Thank Yous, The Valenteens, Earth Girls, Sword Swallower, Lagoon, Daisy Glaze, Dream Probe, No Masc, Power of Dusk

Favorite Treat: Diet Coke and Reese's Cups

See New Life Tattoos IG: https://www.instagram.com/newlifetattoos/

See Vincent's Tattoos: https://www.instagram.com/imperfectmedium/

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