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One songwriter and one song. Podcast about stories & songs of Champaign-Urbana music. In each episode Sven sits down with a person from the C-U music scene to hear the story & the background of a favorite song they’ve written.


Sven takes the pod on the road and chats with Ryan Groff in his Perennial Sound Studio. We talk about the song: Turn It On off the album A Life In the 21st Century. We sip on Oat Milk Harvest Moons from Avionics, talk about getting political, and Ryan reveals who Elsinore will be at The Great Cover Up February 14th, 2020.  Listen all the way to the end to hear the big reveal!!!!

SONG: Turn It On

ALBUM: A Life In the 21st Century

BANDS: 206,The Last Resorts, Turtle Triumph, Ryan Groff & Brent Byrd (brief duo), Green Jenkins, Elsinore, Milford Men, Linea Crux

Favorite treats : Oat Milk Harvest Moon from Avionics and a Pekara Cinnamon Roll

Photo credit: Della Perrone


Trump's Tweets

Trump Tweeting from the Toilet?

Queens of the Stone Age

Songs for the Deaf [Album]

First it Giveth [Song]


Marshall Full Stack

Les Paul


15 Step [Song]

In Rainbows [Album]

The General [Song]

Yes Yes Yes [Album]


The Smiths

Anti/Beyond [Band]

David Byrne

Talking Heads [Band]

Psycho Killer [Song]

Rocky [Movie]

Rocky [Soundtrack]

Gonna Fly Now [Song] [several versions exist]

Ben Folds 5

Precinct Committeeperson

Mike Ingram [For Recorder]

Mike n' Molly's [Closed] [reopened as part of Seven Saints]

Seven Saints

Cowboy Monkey

Highdive - The Accord [Closed]

Rose Bowl Tavern

The Blackbird

The Art Theater

The City Center

The Great Cover Up

Harry Potter

Ha ha! Did you really think Ryan would reveal who Elsinore was for The Great Coverup 2020??? ;-) THANKS FOR LISTENING!



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CW: Substance Abuse

Ep 34: Part 2 (the excerpt)

Sometimes interviews go in a different direction and don't necessarily fit with a regular episode.  This excerpt from my January 4th interview with Brad Olson where we talk about Kyle and his passing. I (sven) didn't know Kyle, but after hearing all of the great things about him. I really wish that I had. Fortunately, he has friends that will always love him dearly and we will always have the music that he made with Neoga Blacksmith. His talent some will describe as "like an Olympic gymnast..." doing the impossible, but making it look so easy. Kyle was like that with music.  

Brad, thank you for talking about Kyle with me and sharing your experiences.

The cover is from the Neoga Blacksmith album: Chronontonius the last album that Kyle played on and is dedicated to him.


HERO: Heroin Epidemic Relief Organization

5 Myths About Opiods

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

SAMHSA = Find Treatment

Champaign Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Seeking Safety: A Treatment Manual for PTSD and Substance Abuse


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Sven takes 5 and sips Pinot Noir with Holly Monet as they talk about the song "Flight of the Bodhi," smell the locally grown wildflowers, and declare "That's not fog!"

SONG: Flight of the Bodhi

ALBUM:  Unreleased

BANDS: The Merry Travelers (2016-present) Rainbow Flag (acoustic folk duo with Rachael Wilson, 2014-2017)

Favorite treats: Drink: Red Wine// Treat: Take 5

Photo credit: Holly Monet



WEFT 90.1

Merry Travelers on WEFT Sessions [VIDEO]


Kenna Mae (EP 13)

Rose Bowl Tavern

Champaign Street Fest

Big Grove Tavern

Sleepy Creek Vinyards

Hogchute Opry

The Red Herring (Restaurant and Venue)


Vivian McConnell (EP 14)


Caffe Paradiso

Urbana First Fridays

Imbibe Urbana


Primitive Lights (EP 10)

Mermaid Heaven

Emily Anne Band (EP 12)


Illinois Legalizes Cannabis January 1st, 2020

Delight Flower Farm

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Sven enjoys a Little Kings Cream Ale and a Snicker-doodle blizard with the newly formed Maps of the Midwest : Sarah Cramer and Taylor Loveall.  We talk about the song "Painted Trains" which was recorded live in the Blue Box Studio.

SONG: Painted Trains

ALBUM: Unreleased 

BANDS: Taylor: Bright Blue Mourning and Taylor Loveall (Solo) Sarah: Duke of Uke and His Novelty Orchestra, Dollypop, Relevator, Sleeping Okami

Favorite Treats: Sarah: Kombucha and DQ Snicker-doodle Blizzard Taylor: Little Kings Cream Ale and Cherry Pull 'n Peel Twizzlers

Photo credit: Sven


Dave King (Duke of Yuke)

Solo version of "Painted Trains"

The Rose Bowl Tavern

Loose Cobra

The Canopy Club

The City Center

The Great Coverup

Pygmalion Festival

Ryan Groff of Elsinore

Ryan Groff as Whitney Houston [Video]

The Iron Post

Dave Pride (The Fights, Primitive Lights)

Rebekah Songer Band

Cowboy Monkey [past music venue]

Garden of the Gods (Shawnee National Forest)

Kenna Mae (Ep. 13)



Tim McGee (Ep. 10)

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Sven chats with Austin Yancy and Dan Wachtel from the band Not for the Faint of Heart about their song "Gun To Your Head." We pop the Skittles and chug the Fitz's in this sometimes serious - sometimes lighthearted - all honest pod about taking chances, loving metal, Metallica, dropped A tuning, Metallica, being called a doodoo head, Metallica, rippin' sweet clappers at a cooler, and did I mention Metallica????

SONG: Gun To Your Head

ALBUM: Gun To Your Head - Single

BANDS: Dan: Rocket Mouth, The Wachtels, Skyote, Raise the Dead, Not For The Faint Of Heart, Chuckie Knucks, Knucksville Records. Austin: Not for the faint of heart, Gorerott, spilling satans blood, chuckie knucks, some solo stuff here and there
Favorite Treats: Skittles, Fitz’s



Miss May I

August Burns Red

The Acacia Strain

Mark Wyman (ToneGood Studio)

Cannibal Corpse

Karthik (Episode 27)







Corporate Greed (NFTFOH Album)





T.J.P - The Contract

Limp Bizkit




The Iron Post

Black Dalia Murder

Lorna Shore

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 

In Waves ( Song by Trivium)

Your Betrayal (Song by Bullet for my Valentine)

New Kids on the Block


Beavis and Butt-Head


Ride the Lightning (Album)

Master of Puppets (Album)

Kill 'em All (Album)

...And Justice for All (Album)

Guitar Hero

Error Records

See You CD & Vinyl

St. Louis Blues

Presidents' Trophy

Wayne Gretzky

Steve Yzerman

StL Cardinals

Stanley Cup

Ken Hitchcock

LA Kings

Violent Gentlemen

Bench Clearers

Detroit Red Wings

Throwing Octopus at Red Wings Games (I said Squid)

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With a bit of satire and whimsy, Sven sits down with Anka Radley of Clockwork Owl to talk about her song "Plato's Cave" recorded in the Blue Box Studio. We talk philosophy, analogies, performing live, and her love of the CU DIY music scene.

SONG: Plato's Cave

ALBUM: Unreleased

FAVORITE Treats: Hot Chocolate & Fresh Fruit

Photo: Ash Stahulak

Plato's Cave

Hotel California

Elliot Smith

Between the Bars [youtube link]

Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Hey, Chicago [Spotify Link]

Bob Forrest

Thelonious Monster

The Bicycle Thief (You Come and Go Like a Pop Song)

Jon Fratelli (The Fratellis)

Ocean Glass


Waluigi's Mansion

Audible Meats [RIP]

Independent Media Center

Rose Bowl Tavern

Mark Lanegan [Screaming Trees]

Snake Migration

Monty Python

The Muppets

Robin Williams

The Onion





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Sven sits down with Neil Yeager of Sunwise to talk about his song "Sophie" off the EP: "Something Happened Here, Once." We talk about Sophie Scholl and the "White Rose," Midwestern nice, and the ever evolution of the Champaign-Urbana music scene.  

SONG: Sophie

ALBUM: Something Happened Here, Once

BANDS: Devildogs, Lil Nathan Jr., jigGsaw, Johnnyork, Withershins, and now Sunwise
Favorite Treat: Triptych's Dank Meme with Oreos

Photo By: Troy Stanger Photography

Don't miss the November 15th, 2019 show at the Brass Rail with: Withershins, Take Care, Vaudvileins, and Sisser


The Canopy Club

IDF (Illinois Disciples Foundation)

The Iron Post

HighDive (The Accord)

The Brass Rail

Esquire Lounge

Mike 'n Molly's

Illini Union Courtyard Cafe


Rose Bowl Tavern


The Jayhawks

Willie Nelson

Tom Petty

Cowboy Monkey

Soundman Bob


The Appleseed Cast

The Life and Times

Velvet Elvis

Matt Talbott (HUM)




25 O'Clock Brewing Co.



Motes (Episode 1)

Schlafly Tap Room (November 14th Sisser with Vaudevileins and Withershins Show)

Aquamarine / MT FUJI IN BLUE

Prologue / Aerial

McCallister Audio

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CW: Reference to Suicide

Part 2 (the excerpt)

Sometimes interviews go in a different direction and don't necessarily fit with a regular episode.  This excerpt from my September 29th interview with Karthik needed a space.  This part 2 meant a ton to me and reminded me why I keep doing this podcast. 

Karthik, thank you for sharing you.

Photo by: Landon Zettelmier


Ten Grand (info and music links)

Ten Grand (Band Blog)

Ten Grand (Article)

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